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Part 2


Lucas Hnath

David Oliver’s Torvald is a fine match for Kelly’s Nora, unrelenting and committed through all the uncertainty that unfolds. I wonder how the two of them would play in Ibsen’s text — fearlessly, no doubt.


Buffalo News

David Oliver is very fine as Torvald. From being stunned at Nora’s appearance, to defending himself, to showing his perplexity at just what it is that Nora wants from him, Mr. Oliver eventually shows the passion that Torvald has hidden from himself and the world for years


Buffalo Vibe


David Oliver is usually the director of whatever he’s involved with, and so it’s a rare treat to see him on stage. He’s not the Ibsen Torvald, he’s the Hnath Torvald, which is not an easy role to navigate


Buffalo Rising


Photos by Gene Witkowski

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