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Originally from Buffalo New York, I began my training as an actor at HB Studios in NYC in the late 70's, followed by a move to England to attend 

the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

After my two-year course at LAMDA, I stayed and worked in London, acting in theater and television. After returning to the States I split various periods between NYC and Buffalo. I served as Associate Artistic Director of Buffalo's Theatre of Youth Company for three years where  I programmed and managed their black-box space, the Franklin Street Theater. I made a permanent move back to Buffalo in 2005 where I've continued to  expand my directing work, serving as

Associate Artistic Director of Torn Space Theater from 2011 to 2014.

Until recently, I've been working as a freelance director for various theater companies, and I'm currently  involved in developing my own production company focused on presenting lesser-known works, original immersive performances, and collaborations in the the exploration of physical movement in storytelling.

I’ve directed different genres of plays, from contemporary dramas and comedies to classics. Whether on a proscenium stage or in an open warehouse, the beginning point for me in creating any production is always the space itself. How does a space physically influence the telling of a story, what is the most effective relationship between the audience and the action? I’m exploring a more environmental approach and continue developing projects for non-traditional spaces. 

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