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Emperor and Galilean

Adapted from Ibsen by

Neil Wechsler

…a brash and fast moving work, expertly directed by David Oliver…

...the virtues of this bold production include Oliver’s exciting direction which keeps the action moving...  This production is audacious, large, and renders Ibsen’s play in marvelously engaging fashion


Wechsler and Oliver


deserve great credit for


winnowing Ibsen’s


expansive vision into this


marvelous, manageable



This adaptation of


“Emperor and Galilean”


ranks as one of the more


ambitious and successful 


undertakings we’re


seen recently


This Torn Space production, beautifully directed by David Oliver sets the perfect mood and tone for this piece with a minimum of fuss


The Buffalo News

The Ibsen Society of America

Reviewed by author & theatre scholar Marvin Carlson


Director David Oliver did an excellent job of moving his cast through this large space with clarity, effectiveness, and striking visual compositions. The production was a remarkable achievement with a deeply challenging text by adaptor, director, and company.

Emperor and Galilean Translator Brian Johnston


     This production deserves an extended life in the American theater.

The Torn Space production had the great merit of faith in Ibsen and the audience’s willingness to follow a challenging cast of dramatic characters. The excellent actors and the director, David Oliver, must also take credit for this of course.

Neil Wechsler’s version of Emperor and Galilean by Henrik Ibsen is one of those events that give rise to rejoicing in the theater’s existence.

Photos by Lukia Costello

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