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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

By Simon Stephens


With a vaccinated and masked audience, the abundance of talent that went into the making of this production can now be see. It was definitely worth the wait...

David Oliver has created a theatrical piece that is always engaging and fascinating to watch, with a great set and lighting design by Lynne Koscielniak. Moveable platforms, gliding staircases and modular units provide endless possibilities of playing areas...


Broadway World



Four Stars

As directed by the excellent David Oliver, the actors appear in multiple roles to populate the English countryside and London with a host of helpful, baffled and indifferent Brits.

The Buffalo News


A remarkable journey...

CURIOUS INCIDENT excels on all theatrical fronts – direction, acting, set, special effects


Buffalo Rising


It has certainly been worth the wait, as the play is brilliantly done and a pleasure to watch.

In addition to the humor written into the play, much of it is due to the cleverness of Director David Oliver in his witty use of actors as props and set pieces, they are doors, the sea, and many other iterations that amuse and delight. Movement Director Gerry Trentham is complicit in this

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